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  • Dates: 25 – 25 May, 2016

Demo Day 3

The Accelerator Demo Day features 19 innovations developed by participants in QSTP's 3rd Demo Day.

Wednesday 25 May 2016
4 PM - 8 PM
Qatar National Convention Center (QNCC)
Exhibition Hall 1, Ground Floor

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The Demo Day is a platform to explore further investment opportunities;
Network with key figures in the business & technology development sector;
Get to know more about QSTP’s unique support and partnership programs

Below are the projects that will be presented (listed in alphabetical order):

  1. ARVEX:

    ARVEX stands for “Amazing Reality View Experience”. The project aim is to provide a new immersive live view experience for entertainment events’ fans (e.g. cultural concerts and sports tournaments) inside Virtual Reality (VR) environment. ARVEX is an end-to-end solution to revolutionize the traditional way of watching your favorite event by combining both experiences of watching the event at the venue and home. The solution is targeting various VR Goggles existing in the market etc. Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift and CardBoard. (TEAM: Ali Khalil Eldous - Khaled Yasser Mohamed - Salman Badnava - Taofik Al Nass)
  2. CESHAT:

    CESHAT collects data from different sources (e.g. news media / social media) in different languages and analyzes and visualizes the data in the best formats for a brand (reputation) management. CESHAT analyzes various tools to manage a brand, such as measuring brand perception through social media in real-time, discovering social media posts that can potentially harm brand values, and suggesting strategies to build brand image (reputation). (TEAM: Jisun An - Haewoon Kwak)
  3. DietHub:

    DietHub is an online platform that connect nutrition experts with people interested in losing weight and healthier life-style. Utilizing DietHub platform, customers will subscribe into coaching plans with a nutrition expert that will track their daily commitment in terms of food, exercise and water consumption (TEAM: Mohammed Sadeq - AlMutasim Adnan)
  4. DigiHeart:

    DigiHeart lets you measure your mental and your heart health. Based on a unique algorithm, it is the best ECG Holter device that can measure a pure resting heart rate, means it is the best that can distinguish between the increase of heart rate due to physical activity or because of another event. It can be used with patients to detect more accurately arrhythmias but it can also be used with healthy people to measure stress level at workplace. (TEAM: Dr. Mourad Mohammed Benosman - Dr. Jaber Jihad - Mr. Tewfik Bechri)
  5. Dr. Dial: 

    Interactive mobile application that allows diabetic patients connect with (talk to) doctors whenever they need to, in order to get clinical advice and their questions answered and better manage their condition. (TEAM: Dr. Sajith Pillai - Dr Noor Suleiman)
  6. EasyBroadcast:

    EasyBroadcast offers next generation delivery method for live/Vod, Video/Audio content and resolves the issue of exponential bandwidth growth and related performance issues (TEAM: Yacine Messaoui  - Soufiane Rouibia)
  7. Faham LT:

    We provide Customized Machine Translation services between Arabic and English. Our technology can help alleviate the costs and the time spent on translation services (TEAM: Stephan Vogel - Hassan Sajjad - Francisco Guzman)
  8. Feelix Palm Tactile Communicator: 

    The Feelix Palm is a communication device that relays digital information  through haptic sensations to the palm of the hand. The device works with a number of applications such as Virtual Reality, Navigation and as a Visual impairment aid. Communication is discrete, nonrestrictive and independent of the visual and auditory senses. (TEAM: Thieab Aldossary - Rodrigo Lentini - Dean Shaff - Edem Dugbenoo - Rashid Aldoseri - Mohamed Aldoseri)
  9. Novel airway: 

    Preventing ventilator associated pneumonia. Saving lives and saving time (TEAM: Amr Salah Ibrahim Elsid Omar - Franciscus Henricus Lambertus Teunissen - Sanjay H Doiphode - Samy Elsayed Ahmed E. Hanoura  - Sameh R. E. Aboulnaga)
  10. Novel implant coating to increase osseointegration for medically compromised patients:

     Omega-Implant is a novel dental implant with novel coating  that is found to increase the fusion of the implant to the surrounding bone (osseointegration). This new application could help introduce implantology to medically compromised patients such as diabetics, osteoporosis patients, and those with history of radiotherapy (TEAM: Dr. Ammar Abdul Hameed Abureqaiba - Dr. Mohammed Yasssin - Dr. Jukka Matinlinna - Dr. Christie Lung)
  11. Pictoris Data: 

    Pictoris Data offers a reliable and secure solution for distributed storage of digital data (TEAM: Joseph J. Boutros - Volkan Dedeoglu - Nicola di Pietro - Mayur Punekar)

    Problemia is an online educational service which consists of (1) a database of mathematical problems, (2) a set of tools for creating homework assignments out of them, and (3) a social network of instructors of university-level mathematical courses. Instructors converge to this service to speed-up the preparation and improve the quality of the homework that they assign to their students. (TEAM: Christos Kapoutsis - Fahim Dalvi - Hashim Syed Moosavi - Baljit Singh)
  13. Q Nonocomposites:

    This project will develop a sustainable, durable, less flammable and lighter, more cost effective insulation material for use in commercial buildings and for several other applications in the 2022 FIFA World Cup.  Unlike other expandable polystyrene in the market, we have successfully formulated a thin coating system that can be sprayed on the polystyrene (EPS) beads and blocks.  This unique coating system will be easy to manufacture, apply and use in the field. (TEAM: Dr. Khaled Saoud - Khaled Al Tholoth)
  14. QSAF:

    Qatar Smart Agriculture and Forestry: QSAF proposes a Machine-to-Machine (M2M) IoT system with cloud platform to remotely manage greenhouse agriculture technique. The main objectives are to limit human intervention, and to remotely monitor and control the environment parameters of green houses. The proposed solution minimize the maintenance tasks, as well as precious resources such as water, electricity and diesel, thus to enhance productivity. (TEAM: Mehdi Khabazian - Fahad Ismail Zainal - Ahmed Metwali - Imen Khoja - Dr. Ahmad Mustafa) 
  15. Salvation: 

    They are developing a wireless early warning system to alert the Safety officer/supervisor  immediately when a worker is in danger, which dramatically reducing the response time and increasing the effectiveness of the safety officer and help in saving workers lives. (TEAM: Saoud Al Kuwari - Rashid Al Mohanadi)
  16. Sanda:

    The chair, reinvented. Sanda is an innovative chair that saves space, follows your natural sitting motion and helps you sit and stand. (TEAM: Omar E. Hamid - Dr. Saleh Mubarak)
  17. Ultra Deisel: 

    The Ultra Diesel process converts waste lubricants to refined light oil, diesel fuel cut and bitumen solids.  The added value of the process is that degraded oil is converted to diesel fuel and bitumen and sold on the open market versus the current practice of disposal in the garbage dump. (TEAM: Eisa Al Nasr - Michael Fraim)
  18. WakeCap: 

    WakeCap serves as the first optimum safety solution for contractors to lower the risk of accidents caused by fatigue, drowsiness and heat stress. WakeCap technology is utilizing the identical safety helmet which the operators are mandated to wear, and combines WakeCap’s sophisticated technology to monitor the user’s alertness, fatigue, and heat levels. (TEAM: Mr. Hassan Albalawi - Mr. Lucas Welk)
  19. Wheelchair power bar:

     An affordable, electronic power system add-on to drive manual wheelchairs electrically without having to modify the wheelchairs or compromise their dimensions and portability. (TEAM: Mohammad AlGammal - Ziyad Shafik - Mohammad Omara)
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