Project Description

Company Name: Bayyna

Project Title: Bayyna Trading

Bayyna is a legal tech company specializes in providing smart technological solutions for the legal community in the Arab region. While our long-term vision includes developing several products, our most recent one: the legal news platform. Being always updated and informed of the new legal updates is essential for legal practitioners, without which they wouldn’t be able to properly perform their duties of serving their clients (lawyers and general counsels) or their authorities (judges and public prosecutors), or even more dangerously to serve them with an outdated legal materials (consultation, argument, verdict, etc.), which can lead to severe consequences. The legal news platform is structured in a focused, industry-oriented, and continuously updated way. Such legal news mainly cover the new statutes and supreme court verdicts. Because those legal materials are usually high in volume and quite sophisticated, they require a considerable time to be read and analyzed. Those who are interested in knowing the updates in such news, whether legal practitioners or not, typically too busy to read out tens of pages every month.