Project Description

Company Name: Cwallet Services

Project Title: cWallet

Cwallet Services is a FINTECH Startup with basic principles of PAYROLL, PAYMENT and REMITTANCE allowing users to pay online and onsite through affiliated partners in order to perform various financial transactions either locally or internationally.

cWallet project is mobile App Android and iOS version for B2B and B2C customers along with Dashboard Panel for Admin and Partners use.



To become an independent ewallet and payment gateway as well as business leader in Fintech by using blockchain technology.


To digitally empower and enable individuals in the region by giving solutions to low-income and unbanked migrant workers, domestic helpers and blue-collar workers allowing them to access financial services that are currently unavailable to them. as well as providing a cheaper and safer payment method to micro SME, Home-made-Business and fellow startups that would like to avail cashless transactions.


To become a premier FINTECH influencer creating fans in MENA and ASIAN region by providing services beyond digital wallets, remittance and payment solution in building a cashless society for all sectors including the bottom of the pyramid but not limited to unstable societies, unjust governments and even refugee camps in order to create jobs specially for women as micro entrepreneurs within the business ecosystem.