Project Description

Company Name: Cytomate Solutions and Services

Project Title: Cytomate APT

Cytomate APT is a Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) solution which emulates, assesses, and validates the most recent attack tactics used by Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and other hostile groups. This is done across the kill chain, and a prioritized list of remedial tasks is provided if any vulnerabilities are detected. Our team’s seasoned security professionals have spent significant time researching and developing advanced exploits. The wide range of dynamic exploits emulates sophisticated attacks used by cyber criminals in an automated and continuous way.

Cytomate APT executes a series of attacks spanning the full ATT&CK matrix to evaluate your organization defenses. It creates unique exploits to evade security controls. To give organizations defense status in view of advanced attackers. It provides organizations a prioritized actionable remediation insight for attacks that successfully bypassed security defenses. Following are the main vectors of Cytomate: