Project Description

Company Name: Subol Product Design

Project Title: Developing Samam Sensor & On-Grid Actuator for (piped gas)

Innovation & Technology based company Developing innovative products simply connected to homeowners to insure their peace of mind.

Samam is a smart LPG & Natural Gas leakage sensor which is responsible for detection and interaction between Samam’s Shut off unit and the mobile App through Wi-Fi gate way to the Clouds. The sensor connected to the shut off unit through Bluetooth in order to close the shut of unit in case of leakage and also to allow the user to close the regulator valve at any time through the app, it also provides app notification and alarm system upon any LPG leak.

Samam sensor unit detects gas leakage and closes gas valve automatically by shut off unit and notifying the user by sound alarm and mobile app.


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