Project Description

Company Name: Airlift QSTP-LLC

Project Title: Development of Autonomous Delivery Vehicle For Last Mile Delivery

The last-mile of Fast Moving Consuming Goods (FMCG) and logistics industry is an expensive and resource exhaustive part of parcel delivery. Customers require cheaper and flexible service while businesses are unable to provide it due to limitation in supply chain and outdated technologies, hence restricting their growth. Hence, Airlift is developing last-mile logistics and delivery solutions to serve supply chains whereas order fulfilment is both Store-based and Distribution Centre-based.

Autonomous Delivery Vehicle for Last Mile Delivery is a cargo bikes (Droids) dedicated for last mile delivery use cases and highly able to carry large payload capacity. The droid is capable of delivering packages of up to 45 kg weight to a range of 20 km in an average speed of 25 km/h. While its connected to the internet and navigating in bike-lanes and side-walks, it’ll deliver parcels with an estimated total volume of 0.6m3 taking advantage of the widely available infrastructure.

The autonomous robot development included hardware, mobile application and cloud-based software to manage dispatch, routing and demand aggregation. The first-generation droid has the form-factor of a tricycle, making it able to maneuver and operate in both bike-lanes and curb-lanes in addition to sidewalks. Serving last-mile deliveries with multiple compartments fitting standard sized packages allowing multiple deliveries in one run, sustaining a maximum delivery time of one hour. This solution will enable parcel couriers and SMEs to deliver their parcels with a significant cost reduction taking advantage of the widely available infrastructure.