Project Description

Company Name: Trio Investments LLC

Project Title: Droobi

Droobi is the world’s first suite of bilingual (Arabic & English) digital therapeutic programs, using a host of best-in-class technologies. It strives to integrate technology, healthcare professionals, data analytics and the science of behavior change to help people manage their chronic diseases more effectively and reduce the risk of developing other diseases. It endeavors to empower people living with chronic diseases to change habits and reduce the risk of complications through digital behavior change interventions.

Droobi has a multidisciplinary team of experts, behavioral scientists, professional diabetes educators and technology entrepreneurs, with vast experience in the Arab world.

The program has been utilized by users and clinicians, showing significant clinical and behavioral outcomes, large client satisfaction and impact on the quality of life for users and their families! Droobi’ s impact has been tested, trusted, validated through clinical studies and appreciated by HealthCare providers in Qatar and MENA.