Project Description

Company Name: MaktApp QSTP-LLC

Project Title: is an application from Qatar, allow SMEs to send online invoices to their clients and collect payments faster, professionally, by simple steps.

It is an online invoicing platform that streamlines online payments between merchants and their clients.
In just two minutes the merchant enters his client’s name, mobile number, the amount and the description of the invoice, send it by any type of communication such as Email, SMS, or even WhatsApp. The client will receive a payment link which he can pay using local and international credit cards. solves the daily issues faced by merchants and business owners:

  • Cash Collections: It is a hard process for small businesses to collect payments from clients for products or services.
  • Delay of payments: Hassle to close deals and get clients to pay instantly.

  • Follow-up with Clients: Waste of time and effort following-up receivables and keeping organized.

  • Website & Apps Integration: The ability to integrate merchant website & mobile app with the fine-tuned invoicing system, this helped merchants to get paid online from anywhere.
  • Instant payment’s collections: Get paid using credit cards, cash, or wire transfers within seconds, supported by the local bank of the merchants, and offering recurring payments.
  • With there is a lot of features help business in digital transformation
    Invoice creating and sharing which showed an increase in payment rate due to easiness and availability. aiming to simplify the online payment experience enabling business to collect payment faster and more secure.