Project Description

Fuego was among the first companies to join QSTP in 2008 and was the first recipient the QSTP Proof of Concept Fund (POC) to bring North American Internet and Web Technology to Qatar and the Middle East.

The Fuego Content Management System and Frameworks had been delivering high quality and performance websites, portals and apps to hundreds of customers in North America for many years. The target was to localize it to the region with the Arabic language. This target was rapidly achieved at QSTP.

Among Fuego Digital Media’s achievements are:

  • Improving the web and digital presence of 40-50 prominent organizations in Qatar, such as QF and its member organizations, as well as the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy, among others.
  • Delivering world-class websites, mobile applications, portals, platforms, and continuous applied research in technology, thanks to its multi-skilled and adaptable team, high quality standards, and its evolving process.

Fuego also delivers class-leading infrastructure to Qatar including the leading Cloud Computing providers including Amazon’s AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Compute Cloud.

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