Project Description

Company Name: Digital Pulse      

Project Title: Gooby

Gooby is an online marketplace that connects talented and skilled freelancers to start-ups, SMEs, full-grown businesses and even individuals. The services are available in two well-designed aspects (online and on-site) offering users the opportunity to choose the perfect gigs for them depending on their needs. Gooby is creating an environment for freelancers/specialized skills & talents to participate in business from home, to help them grow their income by offering them more flexible and faster hiring processes and 24‐hour productivity from anywhere at any time. Goopy users can hire online service providers through mobile application or website, either by buying service providers available gigs directly or by posting a request for work and watching sellers offering services. And end up by choosing one. Users can access price information, customer reviews, and communicate with Workers before and during the service.

Gooby app will offer solutions that help businesses make intelligent decisions, retain happier clients, and maintain a competitive market edge. It will be available on Android, iOS and web. The target customers are SMEs, SMBs, startups, independent professionals and individuals, helping them connect and collaborate better with freelancers remotely, while ensuring that quality services are delivered quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.