Project Description

Fatora is one of MaktApp QSTP-LLC outputs, which was released as a brand specializing in financial technology solutions (Fintech) in 2018, headquartered in Doha, Qatar.

The main goal which the platform seeks for is to provide diverse and flexible payment solutions to SMEs. On the other hand, it offers specialized products for great companies and organizations.


Fatora Products

  • Invoices management platform: It is a specialized system which sends and creates invoices that contributes to the process of digital transformation of companies from paper invoices to digital invoices and their reports in a flexible and smart way.
  • Payment links: It is a fast and intelligent service. Fatora provides it to make online payment more flexible and easy for business owners or their customers.
  • Payment gateway: It allows you to link your store or location with a specialized payment gateway. Although, it provides multiple payment options.
  • POS system: Fatora offers it with marvellous features such as: QRCode which allows a chance for merchants to collect money quickly and easily.

Fatora Features

  • Continuous updating: Review the latest financial technologies and keep them available to our customers.
  • Additional services: Fatora allows several additional services to customers such as: mini-store service and the ability to link products with WhatsApp to make the sale process easier.

  • Fatora has a team of specialists and professionals with multi-cultural background and specialized expertise leading it to grow rapidly and continue to develop.

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Phone: 77228229

Email: [email protected]