Project Description

Company Name: Ithraa For Information Technology        

Project Title: Masader Qpedia

MASADER Qpedia is an internet platform that provides a new generation of reliable sources and references based on digital shape to easily meet the need of interested researchers, authors, publishers and educational institutions to enrich their content with unlimited chosen knowledge units.

It is a multilingual platform, will introduce new generation of e-resources and e-references independently from the paper copies, This service is based on a patent that allow enriching all types of printed content with online content by using numbers, words, 2D codes, which can be used to access by scan, writing or vocal demand.

Masader Qpedia considers every topic and paragraph as a Knowledge-Unit and will publish it in special webpage with a unique numerical code and 2D code. Those codes will facilitate indexing, searching and sharing every subject separately, and will offer a referential value for its numbers in addition to being dual-use in printed and online content as a direct link.