Project Description

MIA Teknoloji headquartered in Ankara-Turkey since 2006. MIA opens a new branch in Qatar in 2020, in order to expand its international network. MIA conducts unique innovation and R&D activities to meet the needs of its customers with more than 40 technical employee and a total of 80 personnel. Producing nationally and internationally certified technologies in its projects with its business partners in both public and private sectors.

MIA Teknoloji provides the following services:

  • Biometric Identity Control Systems
  • PizzyKurum: Integrated Facility Security and Management System
  • MIA-BioID: Biometric Data Management Systems
  • MIA-MED: Hospital Information Management System
  • Critical Infrastructure Security and Surveillance System
  • Surveillance and Face Recognition Systems
  • Border Crossing Control Security Solutions
  • Traffic Management and Vehicle Identification Solutions
  • Archive Digitization and Electronic Document Management Solutions
  • Banking and Electronic Payment Solutions
  • e-Identity and Mobile Identity Projects
  • Public Safety

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Phone: +974 4436 3602
Instagram: @miatechnology