Project Description

Company Name: Qchain

Project Title: QLog

QLog is a compliance product aim to help organizations to comply with cybersecurity regulations. It powered by blockchain technology.

QChain is an award-winning blockchain technology startup based in Qatar, building novel solutions in compliance and Cybersecurity. It has won the Best Startup at South Korea in 2017 and Best Innovative product in the Arab Region at Lebanon 2019.

Qlog leverages on blockchain technology to guarantee record keeping and management of critical business information, traceability of security events, such as administrator logins, and integrity of critical information. It will be immune to Shamoon-like wiping attacks that are occurring in the region and guarantee compliance with Qatar laws and regulations.

Founded by ex-QP employees, it is the only company in Qatar that has built, fully in house, its own full featured blockchain and offers solutions on top of it.


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