Project Description

Rimads is a technology company at Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP). It aims at elevating wellbeing via making pharmaceutical and healthcare services safer, faster and easily accessible.

People can now enjoy the ease of having health & wellness products (e.g., medicines, supplements, personal care, etc.) available at their fingertips. In particular, they can now order all such products and consult with pharmacists instantly through the Rimads app, which is available on both, Google Play and Apple Store. Afterwards, Rimads delivers to all users anywhere in Qatar in less than 2 hours.

Rimads is building a novel technology-based medical ecosystem, which involves evidence-based, evolving, and personalized diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and logistics systems. In particular, Rimads is creating and leveraging computer science techniques to extract, mine, model, and store data at scale from major medical and pharmaceutical sources. In addition, designing and developing algorithms that tap into this data to learn and mimic clinical and pharmaceutical reasoning.

The major objectives of Rimads algorithms are to:

  • Support doctors in reducing diagnostic errors, proactively precluding certain diseases, and recommending personalized treatments.
  • Automate and facilitate medical and pharmaceutical processes that burden patients.

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