Project Description

Company Name: Bro Technologies

Project Title: Skipcash Mobile App

SkipCash is a mobile payment app for consumers and merchants. SkipCash app will reduce the need of cash, physical cards, and Point-Of-Sale (POS) devices. Consumers can link their credit & debit cards to the app, and use the app to pay for coffee, taxi, food delivery, or when ordering from home business. Eliminating all the needs to go to the ATM to withdraw cash.

Project Outcome

SkipCash will help consumers do digital payments instead of cash payments using QR codes. It will allow consumers to link their credit card securely to use it in all their transactions, monitor their spending via visual spending reports, organize their payments receipts, enable virtual account for kids & family members, and access to merchants’ vouchers & coupons. The app will provide a convenient and enjoyable experience throughout the payments journey.

Project Description

SkipCash is a mobile payment app that use QR codes for payments. We help consumers to reduce their dependency on paper money (cash), and helping merchants to accept digital payments with less hardware and low cost.

Advantages to Qatar

Cash usage in Qatar in 2018 reached to 54 billion QAR. Digital tools will not only provide convenience for consumers and merchants, but also awareness of spending and buying habits. Qatar is known to be the host of outdoor events where people go out and enjoy their day. With SkipCash, no need to worry to carry your wallet or look for an ATM. Just take your smart phone and enjoy the event.

Project Timeline

Soft-launch: 8th Dec 2020
Full-launch: TBD

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