Project Description

STA brings to bear many years of proven expertise in capturing and analyzing highly sensitive data, providing clients with state-of-the-art, efficient and rapid actionable intelligence. STA offers capabilities that enable cutting-edge data fusion & analytics for Enterprise, Government, and Military, and have technical development, training and operational presence in the Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP). In the Energy Sector,
STA brings deep expertise through collaboration with leading international organizations for cutting-edge automation and digitalization of drilling processes, inventory optimization solutions and production optimization of petrochemical substances to a wide range of companies.

STA has deep experience developing mission critical hardware and software integrated solutions for government and military agencies, with deployments of integrated solutions to military and security entities. STA is 100% Qatari-owned, founded and actively run by Qatari leadership including Dr. Khalid M. Al-Ali, headquartered in Qatar and represents the best capabilities the world has to offer in these areas.

STA is also the leading provider of Mission Critical Aerial Solutions and Intelligence featuring both drone and anti-drone capabilities. We bring the deepest experience and expertise regarding global drone technologies development, data gathering and analytics, industrial inspections, firefighting, search & rescue, emergency delivery and drone operations in multiple continents. STA has technical development, training and operational presence in Doha (including engineers and licensed pilots), with a distinct focus on nurturing local talent and past experience of hiring exceptional talent  from leading universities in Qatar such as Carnegie Mellon and Texas A&M.

In addition to bespoke solutions developed by STA, we bring expertise from the best-in-class companies for a set of comprehensive and all-inclusive aerial solutions and intelligence. Clients and partners of these companies include the United Nations, NASA, NATO, EU and government security organizations, including in the Americas & Qatar.

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