Davinci Motor Co., Ltd. (DAVINCI), an innovative technology company from China, committed to accelerating sustainable mobility solutions, yesterday signed a letter of intent (LOI) to set up its Research and Development (R&D) center at Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP).

The LOI, which was signed by Jingwei Wang, CEO of Davinci Motor Co., Ltd, reflects the dedication of Davinci Motor to expand its research and development focus on robotic vehicles.

Founded in 2013, with a team of expert engineers from China’s prestigious Tsinghua University in Beijing, Davinci Motor ambitions to create revolutionary experiences in the field of electric mobility. Its DC100, a high-performance and self-balancing electric motorcycle, is a representation of the manufacturer’s advanced engineering and R&D capabilities.

By signing the LOI, Davinci Motor has showcased interest in collaborating with QSTP to further its mission in developing futuristic technologies in smart mobility. At the same time, the manufacturer is keen to help support Qatar in its sustainability efforts, leveraging QSTP’s robust ecosystem to achieve optimal outcomes for its research and development efforts.

Dr. Jack Lau, President of QSTP, said: “We are grateful for the interest that Davinci Motor has shown in collaborating with QSTP. As a pioneering and high-tech innovation company, Davinci Motor’s resolve to use advanced technology to create exceptional and energy-efficient mobility experiences is highly impressive and will be particularly beneficial to Qatar’s national goals around sustainable transport and energy. We look forward to exploring the potential collaboration and accelerating the nation’s sustainable development.”

According to the LOI, Davinci Motor, aims to achieve the following:

Promote Sustainable Solutions - Davinci Motor will seek and utilize opportunities to achieve Qatar’s ambitious sustainability targets.

Expand Research and Development - One of the main priorities for Davinci Motor is to set up its R&D facility in Qatar and use it to develop solutions beneficial for Qatar and the region.

Nurturing Top Tech Talent - Davinci Motor intends to bring high technology talent to Qatar as part of its potential operations. It also aims to offer internship and employment opportunities to local graduates in Qatar, under the guidance of QSTP.

The signing of the LOI creates the pathway for a potentially significant partnership to work toward the common goal of building a safer and more sustainable future through technology innovation.