Else Labs has announced its entry into the commercial space with the launch of The Oliver Fleet, a “set-it-and-forget-it” autonomous cooking solution for commercial kitchens of all types and sizes. 

The Fleet is a compact, versatile and scalable solution to the labour shortage crisis being felt across all sectors of the economy. 

The Fleet and Oliver’s technology offer a hands-free, worry-free solution to commercial kitchen challenges while guaranteeing high-quality and consistent results every time. 

“We always talk about giving people time back,” said Qatari inventor Khalid Aboujassoum (pictured), Founder and CEO of Else Labs. “In the context of a restaurant, catering or food service company, this means giving owners and managers the ability to automate cooking tasks and let their teams focus on more important tasks.” 

The Fleet introduces cooking automation to commercial kitchens, dispensing ingredients, managing cooking temperatures and handling routine tasks like mixing or stirring when required. Recipes always come out the same way, guaranteeing consistent, high-quality dishes. The resulting standardization of operations increases kitchen efficiency and reduces potential for error.

The Fleet is an entirely scalable system, adds Aboujassoum. “You can add as many units to your fleet as you want, and create clusters of fleets, depending on your needs.”

The Fleet’s versatility is a perfect complement to existing staff in fast casual restaurants, food trucks and ghost kitchens.

As well, it is ideally suited for catering operations in any setting. It can easily support catering for oil rigs, deep sea maintenance or shipping vessels, the options are endless.

The Oliver Fleet includes the Oliver units, the Oliver App that acts as a remote control, the Oliver recipe library, a recipe maker, a monitoring dashboard and more.