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Driving Collaboration through Value-Added Networks. QSTP’s burgeoning reputation as a globally-renowned technology development hub is exemplified by the large number of leading international technology companies and research centers that call it home.

These sustained partnerships with industry-leading companies and global conglomerates have not only brought international expertise to Qatar and enabled the transfer of know-how, but has also resulted in the development, implementation, and commericialization of new technologies, products, and services.

Assessment Criteria

The initial assessment of prospective tenants will be based on their level of investment in the specified Permitted Activities. The on-going measures that will be applied to determine that the “predominant activities” of the tenant will be agreed in advance of issuance of each license on a case-by-case basis. As means of illustration, such measures may include:

  • Number of staff directly employed in technology (product and/or process) development, technology-related consulting services or R&D

  • Level of financial investment and resources in technology (product and/or process) development or technology-related consulting services or R&D

  • Number of individuals that are educated and/or trained at the Licensee’s premises at QSTP.

Permitted Activities

  • Research & Development

  • Product Development
  • Technical training
  • Technical consulting

How to Apply

Documents Required

Checklist for company incorporation and branch registration
Checklist for company amendments
Checklist for branch amendments
Checklist for liquidation

Forms Templates

Application Form
Beneficial Ownership Form
Form to request basic information of a QSTP Licensee

Model Templates

Articles of Association
Single Shareholder
More than one shareholder
Power of Attorney(s)
Resolution for Company incorporation
Resolution for Branch registration

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