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Creating a Culture of Innovation

At QSTP, we consider empowering and enabling innovation our raison d’être. In just over a decade, we have established a nurturing environment that not only supports aspiring entrepreneurs every step of the way as they turn their passions into successful businesses but also offers a base for national and international companies to operate from. We believe that innovation is vital for modern societies to grow and prosper and is an absolute necessity in achieving national and global sustainable development goals (SDGs). Therefore, our infrastructure is built to inspire, motivate and strengthen businesses by providing them access to an unparalleled network of business mentors, industry experts and investors. Not only do our experts deliver high-quality structured programs to fledgling firms to enable their growth both locally and globally, but they also provide mentorship, guidance and advice to all startups that are incubated with us.

Contributing to the culture of innovation are local and international tech companies, as well as research centers, that already call QSTP their home. Their work is directly contributing towards the growth and diversification of Qatar’s economy. By bringing in international experience and technologies that are at the cutting edge of their respective technologies, these multinational corporations are fostering knowledge exchange and building the local capacity. The research being conducted on essential subject areas including sustainability, water and environmental conservation, and energy efficiency is not only aligned with Qatar’s Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) agenda but also fosters the local culture of innovation that QSTP stands for.

  • How does QSTP Create a Culture of Innovation?‌‌
  • Featured Success Stories:

– Skipcash
– Ember Medical
– Engineering Solutions
– Stars of Science

  • 15 Feb 2022 – Women Technopreneurs Project

Success Stories


Payment Links and a Payment Gateway are now available. SkipCash just proudly released two new products, “Payment Links” and “Payment Gateway.” Aside from the QR code technology user interface, the launch of SkipCash’s two new products provides its customers with a plethora of customer-centric features and allows them to provide their goods and services in Qatar. Our payment gateway is integrated with Cybersource and QNB bank, allowing consumers to pay by debit or credit card. Payment services are available not just for local cards, but also for international debit and credit cards. The new products aim to strengthen SkipCash Convenience even more. SkipCash, being one of the main payment service providers in Qatar, is now able to conduct frictionless transactions in the majority of countries across the globe.

The new and improved capability allows various departments, branches, and locations within the firm to collect and evaluate data through the SkipCash unified reporting system. Furthermore, the dashboard gives customers a better understanding of the transaction data utilized in reconciliation. SkipCash prides itself on its commitment to innovating and improving on a regular basis. SkipCash has always welcomed customer feedback and ideas.

Ember Medical

Ember Medical offers the first SaaS product that amplifies physicians’ interaction and acquisition of patients. EMBER provides the tools needed to organize patient data, streamline communication, and acquire new patients at a significantly lower price than the traditional method. EMBER provides better management tools through Telemedicine, scheduling system (online and in-person), and payment gateway. In addition, EMBER allows for a larger patient reach via: Doctors’ Directory System which provides doctors’ bios, reviews, and telemedicine broadcast calls. Some strategic partners include Ooredoo, Al Borg Labs, and Houston American Clinic.

Engineering Solutions

Engineering Solutions QSTP LLC (ES) is proud to have worked with the world-class research team at Hamad Medical Corporation to design and manufacture a prototype adapter to enable surgeons to better utilise robots during minimally invasive surgery.

Robots can prove very effective surgical assistants by locating, rotating, articulating, and manipulating laparoscope cameras that are inserted into the patient’s abdomen during minimally invasive surgery. As these laparoscopes come in multiple sizes with different functionalities, there is a need for a versatile adapter that allows the surgeon to select the optimal camera and be able to interface it to the available robot and control it during the surgery.

ES in collaboration with HMC used 3D Computer Aided Design (3D-CAD) tools to design an adaptor and manufacture a prototype using 3D printing to prove the concept.

The 3D design provides the flexibility to allow additional laparoscopes and cameras to be easily interfaced with the adaptor. The 3D additive manufacturing technique facilitates manufacturing the adaptor with different materials: metals and plastics, for special applications.

HMC researchers are now using the adaptor in their leading-edge research and have obtained patents to cover the intellectual property created here in Qatar.

Stars of Science

The Stars of Science program has been deploying TV broadcasting for reaching out to millions of families across Arab countries with a visionary cultural message that Qatar Foundation has been championing for more than 13 years. An estimated conservative measurement for Season 13 in 2021 indicates only one segment of the digital outreach, specifically the “Instagram and YouTube local reach” over the 7 episodes.

Real organic testimonies from applications of hopeful innovators in Season 14 of 2022 includes a Jordanian scientist living in Canada: “Growing up in Jordan, I was always a big fan of the show and its message. After ten years of studies and research and after developing my MedTech concept and teaming with a team of Scientists, Psychologists and experts in the field of child development, I felt it is my time to shine and join the upcoming season of Stars of Science to bring my invention to life. My goal is to help children with intellectual disabilities.”

The millions of lives that were touched and changed by 13 years of broadcasting, posting, and innovation demonstrations will never be accounted in conventional impact measurement methodologies, but the cultural values of entrepreneurship and innovation have forever been enforced among Arab youth.

Meet Our Member

MİA Teknoloji

MİA Teknoloji started its Immersive Reality (AR/VR/MR) Department in 2021. Even though the technology field is rather new for our company, we have formed a team that is capable to develop robust projects. In this context, we developed several AR/VR projects such as; AR-based Indoor Navigation, Remote Maintenance, VR Conference, and On the Job Training.

Solutions we developed by utilizing AR/VR technologies in different industries allow our customers to;

  • Decrease costs of maintenance and downtime they provide for their products by using VR-based remote maintenance,
  • Provide repeatable and more efficient training for the employees with VR-based On The Job Training,
  • Step into the Metaverse by using VR Conference in their company with each employee’s avatars.

MİA Teknoloji has demonstrated its expertise in R&D and Innovation by developing robust Immersive based Solutions that disrupt training and maintenance methods while also helping its customers to adapt to the new normal.

What’s Happening in QSTP

Women Technopreneurs Project Launch

Date: 15 February 2022
Time: 4:15-5:00pm Doha Time
Language: English
Venue: Virtual on MS Teams

Register for the event

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