Come over and engage in the lively fireside chat with our guests from
Metis Labs:

Sabih Bin Wasi
CEO – Design Lead

24yr old guy from Pakistan.
CMU ‘15 (CS Major + Business Minor);
Worked at Microsoft, TEDx*;
Built 6 products prototypes before, won research+startup awards;

Rukhsar Neyaz
Fronted Lead
23yr old girl from India.
CMU ‘15 (CS Major + Math Minor);
Worked as Academic Counselor; A.I. Researcher (Social Media Analysis)

Jiyda Moussa
Backend Lead

25yr old girl from Mauritania.
CMU ‘15 (Information Systems Major);
Worked at IBM, General Electric; Fluent French, Arabic, Spanish, English speaker.

Moderated by
Dr Maher Hakim
Managing Director – QSTP

Tuesday, 22nd of November, 2016
QSTP – South Podium
6pm to 8pm