OceanAlpha Group Ltd. (OceanAlpha), a global leader in Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USV) manufacturing, has signed a letter of intent (LOI) to bring its Research & Development (R&D) capabilities to Qatar. The world leading USV manufacturer is looking to establish its R&D center at Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP).

USVs are robotic vehicles that can move on the sea’s surface without any real-time human operators. They can perform a variety of functions, including oceanographic and atmospheric data collection that can be vital to environment preservation efforts among other priority areas.

Founded in 2010, OceanAlpha currently operates with more than 200 engineers and holds 402 pieces of USV related patents. Through its products, OceanAlpha is redefining the way data is acquired in the marine industry, enabling operations like auto-piloting, and enhancing navigation safety. It is devoted to helping professionals conduct tasks like water sampling, hydrography surveys, and patrol and drowning rescue with greater speed and efficiency.

In the LOI, signed by the company’s General Manager, Pinestone Shi, OceanAlpha has expressed its interest in collaborating with QSTP to take its mission forward, and support Qatar’s sustainable development goals, primarily in energy, climate, and marine security.

Dr. Jack Lau, President of QSTP, said: “QSTP is thrilled at the prospect of collaborating with OceanAlpha to further our role in facilitating Qatar’s sustainable development and economic diversification efforts. Qatar has positioned itself as a regional leader in innovation, and the possibility of welcoming global leaders in sustainable solutions, such as OceanAlpha, means the country will further consolidate its regional role and boost its global impact.”

Based on its initial interest, OceanAlpha, envisions to do the following:

Advance Research and Development - Among its top considerations is the establishment of an R&D center in Qatar. The focus of the center will be to design products and innovative solutions tailored to Qatar’s and the region’s climate conditions.

Collaborate with Local Stakeholders - OceanAlpha aims to forge partnerships with local entities to address national challenges and identify areas that can benefit from USV technology applications.

Empowering Tech Talent - OceanAlpha is looking to collaborate with educational institutions to promote STEAM education in Qatar that will emphasize the significance of UVS technology.

The signing of the LOI opens the doors to further discussions between OceanAlpha and QSTP in introducing UVS technology to Qatar and the region. At the same time, it will reinforce QSTP’s commitment to continuously embrace and propel new technology trends and development in Qatar.