Qatar’s primary incubator for technology development, Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP), part of Qatar Foundation Research and Development (QF R&D), recently hosted a networking event entitled ‘Business Connect’.

The workshop, aimed at creating an interactive environment conducive to networking and learning, was targeted towards senior members of QSTP’s resident-companies. The annual workshop was attended by department heads and QSTP Chairman Dr Hamad Al Ibrahim.

The event provided an ideal opportunity for members of QSTP to showcase their achievements and innovations to colleagues and like-minded technology-based companies who are also part of the QSTP community, and was aligned with Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development’s (QF) commitment to enhancing scientific and research components of the Qatar National Vision 2030 (QNV2030).

Opening this year’s ‘Business Connect’ event, Hamad Al Kuwari, QSTP’s Managing Director, said: “Effective communication, knowledge-sharing, and building synergies among QSTP’s various member-companies are some of the main objectives we have set out to achieve. Together, all members of QSTP bring a quantifiable amount of intellectual potential to Qatar, which serves as one of the foremost drivers in helping Qatar achieve a sustainable knowledge-based economy built on technology research, innovation, and entrepreneurship.”

Al Kuwari continued: “QSTP serves as the hub for applied research, innovation, and entrepreneurship to reach commercialisation of viable technology projects in Qatar. We are thrilled to announce that, through our member-companies, who have so far contributed 91 patents to the global technology market. I would like to use this opportunity to extend my gratitude to our esteemed member-companies who have been working diligently to make these unparalleled developments possible.”

In addition to its long-standing partner companies, QSTP has recently welcomed on board prestigious international technology research and start-ups companies focused on various scientific fields. The new companies include Vetosis, Modus, Girnass, and Iberdrola, which will work alongside current members.

Engineer Santiago Banales, General Manager of QSTP’s newest member, Iberdrola Qatar, said: “Today’s event was highly beneficial for us as a new member of QSTP’s family. We learnt a great deal about QSTP, its processes and expansions, which will prove to be helpful for us as we initiate and develop our projects in the future. We would like to see more of these events take place in the future to ensure a collaborative environment is created for technology innovation in Qatar.”

QSTP is set to expand their operations with a new facility, TECH4, which is now under construction. The new 6,000 square-metre facility, once completed, will allow QSTP to accommodate more tenants and offer them state-of-the-art accommodation suitable for heavier testing and development. Benefitting from the feedback of its current members, QSTSP has equipped TECH4 with various facilities allowing heavy equipment and containers to be delivered to the tenants with ample allocated spaces, smooth access, and custom clearance, as well as double the power and ceiling height. QSTP aims to provide world-class facilities and services to its current 36 resident-companies and over 1,200 employees to ensure their day-to-day business needs are addressed optimally.

In addition to QSTP’s centres, member-residents include small companies, international corporations, and research institutes that have together committed to funding ventures, creating intellectual property, enhancing technology management skills, and developing innovative products in line with the scientific and research objectives of the QNV2030.