Two of Qatar’s homegrown tech startups, EMMA Systems and Conical Systems, are set to scale new heights of growth after being selected for year-long placements in accelerators in the European cities of Vienna and Modena, through ELV8, Qatar Science and Technology Park’s (QSTP) newest growth program.

Delivered jointly with Silicon Valley-based Plug and Play, the world’s largest early stage investor, accelerator and corporate innovation platform, ELV8 is a 12-month program that offers intensive mentoring and funding opportunities for global growth to promising tech startups in Qatar.

Supported by investment from QSTP’s Tech Venture Fund (TVF), the chosen startups will expand into European markets via their acceleration at Plug and Play, all whilst maintaining their business operations at their headquarters in Qatar. EMMA Systems will make their way to the Austrian capital, Vienna, while Conical Systems (formerly called Airlift) will establish operations in Modena, Italy.

“Achieving global growth is an important milestone for local startups and is a key indicator of a healthy and vibrant startup ecosystem,” said QSTP Program Manager – Acceleration, Mohammad Zebian. “Whilst the opportunity for those participating is clear, the benefits of ELV8 will also be felt across the entire startup ecosystem with these participants acting as ambassadors of growth to share their insights, experiences, and investor networks with other startups in Qatar, paving the way for them to scale internationally.”

(left) Mohammed Hourani, and (right) Wisam Costandi, co-founders of EMMA Systems.

EMMA (which stands for Environmental and Movement Monitoring for Airports) Systems, is an AI-enabled airport management systems provider that works hand-in-hand with airport operators to boost airport operations. Through its seamless interface, the platform visualizes real-time data to offer a centralized view of the entire airport’s operations, helping administrators to make more informed decisions.

First installed at Qatar’s Hamad International Airport in 2021, EMMA Systems has grown significantly with a branch office in Finland, R&D function in Jordan, and successful deployment in Brussels South Charleroi Airport (BSCA) now. The team at EMMA believes that support from QSTP’s ELV8 program will fuel their company’s further growth.

“As a startup focusing on the enterprise market, it’s important for us to find early adopters quickly. Since Plug and Play accelerates corporate innovation by connecting them to startups, we are rapidly able to find corporate partners, which in our case are airports, through their extensive network,” said Wisam Costandi, CEO and Co-Founder of EMMA Systems.

Expressing similar sentiments, General Manager of Conical Systems, Ahmed Mohamedali, said his team are thrilled to join the Motor Valley Accelerator (MVA) calling it “a pivotal point in our startup’s journey.”

(left to right) Nebras Ozzo, Musab Almozien and Ahmed Mohamedali. co-founders of Conical Systems (formerly known as Airlift).

Conical Systems is a tech startup that focuses on creating independent automation solutions to support businesses.

With its flagship product CORE, a self-driving electronic vehicle with multi-use functionality, the startup is working alongside smart cities to devise new strategies to enhance the quality of life of their citizens.

Currently headquartered in Doha with a tech hub in the Netherlands, Conical Systems aspires to develop healthy relationships with leaders in manufacturing, production, and design in Modena, which is home to eminent automotive giants such as Ferrari, Maserati and Ducati.

“Through Plug and Play’s extensive network of partners, including OEMs, manufacturers, industry leaders and investors, we anticipate that being part of this accelerator will expedite our integration within the European ecosystem and help us realize our global ambition,” Mohamedali said.

The ELV8 program was first launched in September 2021 as the newest addition to QSTP’s ongoing initiatives to further enrich Qatar’s innovation ecosystem and aid national economic diversification efforts. Since its launch, the program has held an array of workshops tailored to teach local startups about tools and best practices to build businesses that can expand internationally.

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