Only company in MENA to develop a tech-driven diagnosis system for animal health

Camel racing being unique to this region. It is a centuries-old sport deeply rooted in Qatar’s cultural heritage which has evolved over the years to become an attraction for tourists visiting Doha.

The popular camel racing activity has, however, faced several obstacles when it comes to health and performance; a conclusion that I reached after working for years at a private mobile clinic at the Al Shahaniya racing track.

During my time at Al Shahaniya, where I settled after moving from Algeria in 2010 following my graduation as a veterinary surgeon, I noticed that trainers often had trouble detecting the source of a camel’s injury.

This led me to explore solutions to help detect injuries in a more efficient and cost-effective manner. After several trials, I created the “Camel Racing Diagnostic Boots”, a device that diagnoses limping in racing animals using specialized sensors to collect data that is eventually fed to a computer for analysis.

In recognition of the innovative nature of the device, which combines the expert knowledge of a vet’s medical diagnosis with the concurrent analysis of data collected from sensors, the project won the first prize at the 2013 edition of the Stars of Science competition, Qatar Foundation’s leading edutainment TV show.

A year later, I secured the support of Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP), part of QF Research, Development, and Innovation, and I was able to begin developing Vetosis, now the first-of-its-kind company in the Arab world to invest in research and innovation in veterinary diagnostic, and animal health and performance.

As any startup team will attest, turning a concept into a product is a long and complicated process, from proof of concept, engineering and design, to commercialization and marketing. This long journey requires a full team of specialists and experts, and enough funding to ensure the continuity of the project, and going it alone is a very tough experience. We were privileged to have QSTP provide us with all of the above resources throughout each of our development stages.

QSTP’s support propelled Vetosis from one success to another. Over the past five years, Vetosis has been featured in numerous international exhibitions, technology fairs, and innovative programs, including the Geneva Exhibition and Destination Imagination.

Vetosis’ launch of diagnostic solutions for horses reflects the important role that QF and QSTP are playing in not only addressing local challenges through research and development but also in developing technologies to address regional and global challenges related to health, clean energy and education and cybersecurity among others.

To tackle these challenges, innovators require a platform where various disciplines, such as engineering, programming, 3D printing, design, marketing and manufacturing, converge to facilitate the development of new high-tech products and support the commercialization of market-ready technologies.

And this is exactly what QSTP offers to budding entrepreneurs who should seize the opportunity to transform their dreams into reality. Going forward, we plan to expand our solutions to also diagnose horse injuries, which will enable Vetosis to tap a larger global market.

Using the resources that QSTP offers, young innovators must not hesitate when starting their entrepreneurial journey but charge ahead with passion and hard work.

Dr Mohammed Doumir
Founder of Vetosis