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Stars of Science (SOS), the edutainment TV initiative of Qatar Foundation (QF), is the premier innovation show in the Arab world that empowers and educate Arab innovators to develop technological solutions for their communities, benefitting people’s health and lifestyles and helping to preserve the environment.

As part of Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP), SOS is at the heart of a vibrant and diverse innovation community that is idea-driven, solution-focused, and has world-class infrastructure, where some of the world’s leading names in technology operate alongside a new wave of aspiring Arab innovators.

Over a 12-week process, the contestants build and demonstrate the effectiveness of their solutions in a shared innovation space, competing against time with the support of a team of experienced engineers and product developers. An expert panel of jurors assess innovators and their projects every week across several prototyping rounds, until only four finalists remain to compete for a share of $600,000*. Jury deliberation and online voting from the public determine the rankings.

* Term & condition apply: The prize is a seed fund managed and monitored by QSTP whereby the awardee can take 1/3 of the prize not restricted and the remaining 2/3 will be dispensed based on the agreed milestone and deliverable with QSTP.

What’s in it for you

  • Identify, formulate, and solve complex engineering problems by applying principles of engineering, science, and mathematics

  • Apply engineering design to produce solutions that meet specified needs with consideration of public health, safety, and welfare, as well as global, cultural, social, environmental, and economic factors.

  • Communicate effectively with a range of audiences.

  • Develop and conduct appropriate experimentation, analyze and interpret data, and use engineering judgment to draw conclusions.
  • Expand your network and accessibility to key mentors, experts and support institution in the local and regional innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems.


  • The program is open for applicants of Arab descent from around the globe, aged between 18 and 35 years old.

  • Scientists, innovators, researchers, engineers, university students, and grassroot innovators of Arab descent who have the passion and dream to become prominent global entrepreneurs in science, technology, and innovation.

  • Scientific novel idea achievable during the production period of the program.

  • Promising commercial viability of the idea within reasonable time post production

Journey & Approach

A comprehensive matrix is prepared for the eight projects to be used during the 12 weeks of workshop residency. The project track or tasks are incorporated into the comprehensive matrix to be immediately dispatched to the corresponding candidate.

Changes in Format SOS 13

  • New jury panel
  • Casting Episode 1-2-3: remain unchanged, including alumni support, Top 8 candidates announced in a report at the end of episode 3
  • After casting, elimination takes place based on the performance and not necessarily one elimination per prime ( Eg: some episodes could have no elimination, and some could have triple elimination or double)
  • Episode 4: Concept prototyping
  • Episode 5: Engineering prototyping
  • Episode 6: Product Prototyping- Top 4 announced, Public voting starts (the jurors are joined by the Director of innovation and the Director of investment from QSTP)

  • Episode 7: Finale- TOP 4 ranked
  • Prize: A total of $600,000 in seed funds for the four winners managed and monitored by QSTP *.

* Term & condition apply: The prize is a seed fund managed and monitored by QSTP whereby the awardee can take 1/3 of the prize not restricted and the remaining 2/3 will be dispensed based on the agreed milestone and deliverable with QSTP.

Selection Criteria

Casting Qualification: Vote Scientific Idea Novelty, Idea prospect for program, Candidate Preparedness

Selection Ladder: Technical Challenge Level, Usefulness and Market Outlook, Innovator Resourcefulness

The Jury vote for these candidates according to the following rubric that is commensurate to the actual program phase. It’s not necessary to have one elimination per episode but only four finalists will remain for the finale episode.

  • Concept Prototype: Novel feature proven 50%, Personal capacity to lead the journey 20%, and Technical feasibility towards engineering prototype 30%

  • Engineering Prototype: Complete product functionality 50%, Personal capacity to lead the journey 20%, and Prototype performance specifications 30%

  • Product Prototype: MVP- performance & design integration %50, Field-testing reported results %20

  • Product commercial potential/viability

How to Apply

Applications are now open for Stars of Science Season 13!

Interested applicants can apply through www.starsofscience.info. Applicants will be guided through specific questions related to their personal information, academic preparation, idea description, and any efforts done towards realizing the novel innovation (partnerships, prior arts search results, patent registration, experimentation, and/or prototyping, etc.).

After submission, a personal profile number is assigned and the applicant can login at any future date to update information and any possible communication/review with program administrators.

Visit www.starsofscience.com to find out more.

A flowchart: the selection process of the eight finalists in every season.