Under the overarching theme of ‘Investing in Research & Innovating for Society’, an interactive session entitled, “QSTP: Where Research Goes to Work – How QSTP Addresses the Different Needs of Innovation Community in Qatar and the Region”, took place as part of Qatar Foundation Research and Development’s Annual Research Conference 2016 (ARC’16).

The session highlighted innovative technology research, commercialisation and entrepreneurship, main areas of focus within the nation’s Research Grand Challenges stipulated in the Qatar National Research Strategy (QNRS).

Qatar’s primary incubator for technology development, Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP), a part of QF R&D, is fostering the environment required to accelerate commercialisation of research and supporting innovation and entrepreneurship.

The session featured a series of informative presentations from QSTP’s leadership. The speeches were conducted by Mr Hamad Al Kuwari, Managing Director of QSTP, Ms Haya Al-Ghanim, QSTP’s Innovation Director, and Dr Danny Ramadan, Acting Director for Strategic Research at QSTP.

The initial segment of the session highlighted QSTP’s strategic alignment with QNRS’s main objectives and its array of initiatives and support programmes for youth entrepreneurs in Qatar.

An informative presentation on QSTP’s popular business incubator initiative for youth, the Accelerator Programme, was conducted by the organisation’s innovation team. Since its inception, the Accelerator Programme has served as a bridge between research and commercialisation, helping aspiring youth in Qatar to turn their ideas into feasible products to address trending market needs. Combining funding and comprehensive mentorship, the Programme provides youth entrepreneurs with months-long training delivered by seasoned local and international experts.

Participants of the sessions received a glimpse of entrepreneurial success stories that have received QSTP’s funding and incubation support. These projects included ‘Hydrocarbon Detection and Quantification using the IntelliRed™ Optical Gas Imaging System’ at Exxon Mobil Research Qatar, ‘Samam: A smart LPG Leakage Detector for a Safer House’ and ‘MaktAP’, a cloud-based solution for business & team management.

QSTP provides business development support including business assessment and evaluation, operational services support, and funding programmes in support of commercialisation. In addition, facilitating access to research, technical and marketing services are provided to aspiring youth with innovative, technology-based business ideas.

For more information about ARC’16, visit: http://www.qf-arc.org/. You can also follow the latest news and announcements: @QF_ARC.