TOTAL & QSTP extend partnership agreement for another decade to continue their chemistry research and development operations.

Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP), a part of Qatar Foundation Research, Development, and Innovation has signed an extension to their existing agreement with Total, allowing Total Research Center-Qatar (TRC-Q) to continue their research and development operations in QSTP Park & Free Zone for another ten years.

Founded in 2009 in order to pursue leading edge and innovative research projects, TRC-Q has established operational laboratories at QSTP for their geochemistry, acid stimulation, refining and chemistry research, and sustainable projects, as well as patented instruments and proprietary tools developed by the research team.

The relationship between Total and QSTP has flourished due to their shared ambition to develop sustainable solutions and support Qatar’s National Vision. Both organizations have been aligned in their efforts to bridge and strengthen ties between the various sectors and industries, particularly energy, research and environment, and to build strong bridges and interactions in order to achieve business sustainability and innovation.

“We started our journey at QSTP ten years ago, with the vision of innovation and excellence in R&D. We made a unique commitment to develop homegrown solutions for our local operational challenges, whilst supporting Qatar’s vision of establishing a knowledge-based economy,” said Yousef Al-Jaber, Vice President Innovation & Change Management, and Acting Director of TRC-Q. “With the help of QSTP, we have been able to develop a real expertise that leverages the global research capacity of Total at a worldwide scale and directly benefits our partners in Qatar.”

Yosouf Abdulrahman Al-Salehi, Executive Director, QSTP said: “We are delighted to extend this highly successful partnership with our friends from Total for another decade. Their work in a range of areas here in Qatar over the past decade has been so transformative, improving the knowledge of both the local and global oil and gas industry through the addition of topics related to sustainable development. QSTP has been proud to play its part in Qatar Foundation’s Research, Development and Innovation (QF RDI) division and we are very much looking forward to the exciting years ahead in the vital field of RDI. In fact, RDI is a journey as vital as any Qatar will ever take. One of the next global races will be for minds and talents in technology development . Total will certainly be playing a leading role in that significant RDI work here in Qatar.”

“QSTP provides a great environment for research and innovation, and its proximity to world class universities is an added advantage. This has given us a great platform for TRC-Q to thrive,” said Laurent Wolffsheim, Managing Director of Total E&P Golfe, and Country Chair. “In 2019, we celebrated a milestone with a decade of research and innovation of TRC-Q at the QSTP, and we look forward to cementing our partnership with QSTP for another decade,” he said.