Globally-recognized pioneer in autonomous driving solutions, UISEE, has signed a letter of intent (LOI) to set up its research & development (R&D) operations at the Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP).

Through a dedicated R&D center, UISEE seeks to bring its extensive expertise and revolutionary technology in AI driving vehicles to Qatar and the region.

Founded in 2016, the Chinese company is dedicated to building AI drivers ushering a new era of mobility and logistics. UISEE has developed a host of all-weather, full-scenario, real driver-less, vehicles being used in various sectors including delivery and logistics. Besides solving problems with low efficiency, high labor costs, as well as safety risks, these AI-centric products also allow optimized operations leading to more efficient and centralized asset management.

The LOI was signed by Mr. Ganesha Wu, Founder and CEO of UISEE, as a demonstration of the company’s keen interest in leveraging QSTP’s ecosystem to support Qatar’s sustainability goals, particularly in the area of mobility and logistics.

Commenting on the occasion, Dr Jack Lau, President of QSTP, said: “UISEE is a notable front-runner in autonomous driving solutions, advocating for energy conservation and emission reduction through its innovative solutions. We are delighted at the prospect of welcoming UISEE to our premises and look forward to further discussions. Our potential collaboration will undoubtedly fortify Qatar’s tech innovation landscape and enable the country’s sustainable development.”

As mentioned in the LOI, UISEE, aims to achieve the following objectives:

Foster Local Tech Talent: UISEE’s team consists of some of the top AI experts from world-renowned universities and enterprises. With its potential operations in Qatar, the company hopes to bring its diverse and rich expertise to local students and young innovators to empower them in the area of AI applications in mobility and logistics.

Promote Sustainable Solutions: UISEE seeks to forge partnerships with local stakeholders and key industry leaders to identify local and regional challenges in intelligent mobility and utilize its R&D center to develop potential solutions.

Explore Market Opportunities: UISEE aims to study the opportunities presented by the local and regional market and establish itself as a leader in AI driving solutions.

The signing of the LOI marks an important step forward in QSTP’s mission to connect global expertise to the local market needs and enhance its contribution towards Qatar’s economic diversification efforts.