Shanghai Zhida Technology Development Co. Ltd. (ZD Energy), a global manufacturer of smart charging systems, has recently signed a letter of intent (LOI) to establish its Research and Development (R&D) Center at Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP). Signed by Jimmy Huang, Chief Executive Officer of ZD Energy, the LOI showcases ZD Energy’s interest in collaborating with QSTP to promote sustainable energy solutions in Qatar.

Established in 2010, ZD Energy is one of the leading manufacturers in smart charging technology for electric vehicles (EVs) and home energy management systems, empowering the transition to electric mobility and green energy.

ZD Energy’s interest for the potential collaboration aligns with QSTP’s commitment toward a more sustainable future, demonstrated in its consistent efforts to facilitate sustainable tech innovation and advancement. The LOI opens doors to discussions between the two organizations to advance commercial solutions that utilize alternative energy in Qatar.

Dr. Jack Lau, President of QSTP, said: “QSTP is pleased to connect with a world leader in cutting-edge green technology that utilizes artificial intelligence to develop revolutionary global solutions and is keen to leverage our ecosystem in Qatar to further their mission. ZD Energy’s potential work in Qatar can help support the country’s National Vision 2030 to build a sustainable economy, while driving tech talent transformation.”

According to the LOI, ZD Energy, whose aim is to develop affordable technology, hopes to achieve the following:

Accelerate Sustainable Solutions: ZD Energy intends to establish Qatar's first robotic EV charging and Smart Home Energy Management Research & Development (R&D) center at QSTP. The center will work on commercializing sustainable technologies, benefiting both local consumers and investors.

Provide Tech Talent: Under an ambition to set up R&D operations at QSTP, ZD Energy seeks to bring in high-level tech expertise in Qatar, particularly in the area of electric mobility and sustainable energy systems.

Tap into Local and Regional Market Opportunities: ZD Energy aims to position itself as a robotic EV charging pioneer, as well as a leader in smart charging and home energy management solutions in Qatar and the MENA region.

The signing of the LOI by ZD Energy, paves the way for possible collaboration between QSTP and ZD Energy supporting the objectives of both organizations in furthering innovation, and being at the forefront of building a more energy-efficient and safer future.