Project Description

Bonocle is a company aimed towards improving the lives of the blind community worldwide through technology. The company was founded by tech enthusiasts with a passion for solving problems and innovating on their solutions.

The idea behind Bonocle began when one of the co-founders, Aly, had an accident and had to enroll in the special needs center at university. Spending time at the center gave us the opportunity to interact with other students there. One of them was a blind law student named Sami. He introduced us to the lack of disruptive innovation in the blind market and how that led to a lack of access to technology. This was the catalyst that made us take it upon ourselves to innovate and bridge that gap by creating Bonocle.

Bonocle is a braille entertainment device that will allow the blind community to enjoy many added layers of access to technology. The use cases are many and can involve getting work done, learning something new or having fun playing games.

Our evolution has been driven by our close connection with the community and our customer centric strategy being the defining aspect behind all our developments and operations.

Our defining goal is to further integrate blind people in classrooms and work places while enjoying equal access to technology.


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