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Seed and growth-stage capital for tech founders and entrepreneurs

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What is TVF

The QSTP Tech Venture Fund (TVF) is a strategic venture capital fund designed to support local innovative startups and attract international startups looking to scale in the region.

The fund provides opportunities for local, regional and international tech founders and entrepreneurs to source seed-stage funding and follow-on capital.

What we do

Amongst the many concerns of tech entrepreneurs, identifying sources of early stage capital is perhaps the most daunting. Young businesses need seed funding to hire talent, reach early stage customers, and start booking revenue.

As the business grows, seed stage sourcing is eclipsed by the challenges of raising a Series A or B round. The QSTP TVF provides an opportunity for tech founders and entrepreneurs to source seed-stage capital when they are first embarking on their journey.

As the business matures and the value proposition becomes clear, QSTP can leverage TVF to participate in a Series A or B round. In essence, TVF seeks to lower one of the barriers to starting a tech company with a keen focus of building an innovation ecosystem in Qatar.

Tech Development Fund

Investment Thesis

Seed Participation

  • TVF can participate or lead seed rounds in local tech-based businesses using convertible note or SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity), which are instruments that will convert into preferred stock at the closing of Series A.

  • Issuing a SAFE or a convertible note is fast, simple, and relatively inexpensive.

  • Tech Venture Fund average ticket size: 100K-500K USD.

Series A/B Participation

  • Series A is widely viewed as the first institutional outside money that is invested in a business.

  • At this stage, the company is working to scale or determine distribution, investigate verticals, and refine the business model.

  • QSTP will not lead on Series A/B but can be a source of follow-on capital after a lead institutional investor is firmly on board and has conducted a valuation.

  • Tech Venture Fund average ticket size: 0.5M – 3M USD.


Local tech-based startups with early product validation looking to scale, typically coming from local accelerators, incubators or spinouts from research institutes. There is an expectation that the startups have already achieved some milestones, including product validation through a pilot with customers or through product revenue, while have gathered interest from early sources of capital such as angel investors, government grants or through extensive bootstrapping of the business.

International tech-based startups
with existing touchpoints to Qatar, having an identified lead institutional investor (TVF will not lead such rounds, but can follow).

Priority Sectors

Disruptive Education

Preventive Health and Diagnostics

AI-enabled Enterprise Solutions

Preservation of Arabic Language, Heritage and Culture

Smart Cities and Sustainable Living

Portfolio of Investments (Startups)

Developer of software medical devices, delivered as SaaS, to aid diagnosis and therapy choices.

Driven to create innovative technology that automates the cooking experience; to bring autonomous cooking to your kitchen.

Developer of a healthcare service platform designed to find doctors and book appointments.

Operator of an AI-based media platform intended for advertising and professional video production.

Developer of an online platform designed to serve aspiring footballers with individually tailored opportunities and career pathways.

A startup that innovates for homes with the power of IoT. Their first product, Subol Detector, protects homes against gas explosions, fire, and mold.

We build and operate efficient self-driving pods for urban mobility.

SaaS based cloud based platform allowing doctors in MENA to manage their business efficiently including clinical management, EHR, patients care and marketing at an affordable price.

Developer of a learning environment that offers a single solution for teaching and learning Arabic for tomorrow, today.

OBRIZUM is an A.I. digital learning technology company which automates the creation of adaptive digital-learning programmes for large organisations and deploys highly personalised learning and assessment activities which are then analysed in real-time.

An integrated SaaS platform, engineered to optimize construction project management through seamless stakeholder collaboration, advanced analytics, and tailored solutions for industry professionals.

Online marketplace designed to host and book authentic travel experiences.

Virtual care provider offering chronic care programs localized for the Middle East designed to help people make lasting changes for better health outcomes and save costs for organizations.

EMMA is a SaaS-based, AI-driven, A-CDM, airport management platform that creates a unique, real-time view on airport operations and the performance of stakeholders, leading to solid efficiency and sustainability gains for airport management and key users.

For enterprise customers who are looking to use speech technologies to improve customer experience, provide more accessible content, or derive deeper insights from their voice data, Kanari AI offers the leading automatic speech recognition and text to speech solutions for Modern Standard Arabic and Dialectal Arabic.

Developer of an AI-assisted research collaboration platform for accelerating systematic literature reviews.

Developer of an integrated advising and planning platform designed to enable students to plan their college journey.

Developer of an AI/ML enabled enterprise platform intended to offer real-time customer data analysis, enabling businesses to visualize and understand the audience and consumer preferences.

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Seed and growth-stage capital for tech founders and entrepreneurs

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