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QSTP’s reputation as a globally renowned technology development hub is evident in the many leading international technology companies and research centers that already call it home.

By building sustained partnerships with industry-leading companies and global conglomerates, QSTP has helped bring international expertise to Qatar, which has successfully contributed to the development, implementation, and commercialization of new technologies, products, and services.

Why Choose QSTP?

QSTP offers tailored solutions for a wide range of companies of all sizes. Companies can lease premises in multi-occupancy buildings, or commission their own bespoke building design. There are many key membership benefits:

QSTP Building Interior State-of-the-art offices, labs, and facilities specifically designed for technology-based companies Networking opportunity with experts Networking opportunities with global innovators Partnerships with Research Institutes Partnerships with HBKU Research Institutes Collaborations with top International universities Collaborations with top International universities Intellectual property advice and consultation Intellectual property advice and consultation Access to highly skilled talent Access to highly skilled talent at Education City Opportunity to collaborate with professional talents within other QSTP companies Opportunity to collaborate with professional talents within other QSTP companies

Free Zone Incentives

Quick setup

Quick and easy company formation

No import charges

Exemption from customs duties and charges on imports

100% ownership

100% foreign ownership and capital repatriation

No export duties

Exemption from customs duties on exports

No income tax

Exemption from all taxes including income tax

No restrictions

No restrictions on repatriation of capital, profits and salaries in any currency

Innovation Centre (IC) offering 3,000m2 of office space and comprehensive facilities and services to small and start-up companies involved in the development of technology. Fully furnished and serviced 45m2 offices are available as single or multiple units.

QSTP has 5 dedicated car park zones with a total of 1,097 car parking spaces.

QSTP is over 125 times the size of a football pitch. The total area of the QSTP site is approximately 91.27 hectares and the building footprint is 72,551.00m2
The design of the Phase 1 QSTP buildings was carried out by Woods Bagot, a renowned Australian Design practice with a particular reputation for master planning.
Two 12,000m2 Tech buildings which provide flexible accommodation, able to be configured as offices, laboratories or workshops, for organizations requiring upwards of 500m2 for research, development and commercialization activities.

Why Qatar?

From climate change to food security, artificial intelligence to cybersecurity, and integrated healthcare to precision medicine, the road ahead poses pressing challenges and exciting opportunities to shape our future.

The Research, Development, and Innovation (RDI) ecosystem of Qatar Foundation (QF) was created to place Qatar at the forefront of scientific research and technological advancement, addressing national needs while generating global impact. A centerpiece of this ecosystem is Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP).


Expanding Opportunities

Exciting possibilities await

You will be part of a major global hub that is constantly getting better connected.

You will be part of a knowledge-based economy, which is opening to the world.

You will share a home with world leaders in media, education, energy and more.


Connecting Markets

Global integration throughout

You will have access to customers and partners within Qatar, throughout Asia and Africa, and across the world.

You will experience increasingly seamless flow in trade and capital.

You will enjoy pioneering, next-generation connectivity and communication.


Partnering for Progress

Shared ambitions and a focus on you

We prioritize your sustainable growth and success over the long-term.

You will enjoy a stable environment with access to capital and steady growth.

You will be supported from consideration, to operation, to expansion and beyond to ensure your success in Qatar.


Creating Communities

International and domestic networks

You will build the networks and relationships that matter most to you.

You will be closely integrated with global trade, innovation and diplomacy.

You will feel a sense of belonging through our distinctive hospitality and culture.


Welcoming Talent

Quality of life and a feeling of home

You will be able to cultivate your people, with world-class education, training and research.

You will feel a sense of home for you, your colleagues and your business.

You will experience a great blend of historic and modern culture and lifestyle.

Source: International Promotion Agency Qatar (IPAQ)

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