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Where Technology Goes to Work

For a decade now, QSTP has been driving the development of new high-tech products and services, supporting the commercialization of market-ready technologies, and contributing to the economic diversification of Qatar.

Park & Free Zone

QSTP’s reputation as a globally renowned technology development hub is evident in the many leading international technology companies and research centers that already call it home.

By building sustained partnerships with industry-leading companies and global conglomerates, QSTP has helped bring international expertise to Qatar, which has successfully contributed to the development, implementation, and commercialization of new technologies, products, and services.

Key Membership Benefits

We are home to a diverse group of companies


The Tech Entrepreneurship Journey at QSTP

At QSTP, we have created an environment that supports aspiring entrepreneurs every step of the way through numerous opportunities to turn passions into successful businesses.

Innovation Programs

Arab Innovation Academy

The first and largest tech-entrepreneurship program in the pan-Arab region, challenging and supporting participants to create a new startup in just 10 days.


A 10-week program offering intensive training and mentorship, enabling promising innovators to transform tech-based ideas into commercially viable businesses.


A launchpad for the global growth of Qatar’s tech startups, in order for them to expand their business into new international markets, and will be delivered in partnership with Silicon Valley-based Plug and Play.

Research to Startup

The Research to Startup program is created to support the research community in Qatar by providing a complementary pathway to commercialize intellectual property with high commercial potential, by supporting the creation of new tech startups.


Incubation Center

The QSTP Incubation Center is a technology-focused program that aims to foster local tech entrepreneurship in Qatar.

Funding Programs

Product Development Fund

The Product Development Fund (PDF) is a cost sharing fund wherein QSTP provides up to 50% of the total budget as a grant to encourage local startups and SMEs in the private sector to develop their product and service relevant to local market needs.

Tech Venture Fund

The Tech Venture Fund (TVF) is a strategic venture capital fund designed to support local innovative startups and attract international startups looking to scale in the region.

A Decade of Driving Ideas to Impact

Significant achievements and far-reaching impact of QSTP in transforming Qatar as a global hub for technological innovation.


companies including 20 MNCs, currently based at QSTP.


Qatari startups all with a tech-focus, incubated at QSTP.


participants in QSTP’s innovation programs since 2008.


innovative products developed and commercialized for the Qatari market through investments and incubation opportunities supported by QSTP.


investments made by QSTP in regional companies through its partnership with Silicon Valley-based venture fund 500 Startups.

4.3 billion QAR

invested in research, development, and innovation activities by international companies registered at QSTP.


people have worked at QSTP-based companies since 2008.

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