Project Description

Company Name: Ibtiker Technology Services and Trade

Project Title: OXY Water Tank Cooler

Oxy water tank cooler reduce the temperature of the water in the water tanks from 45°C to up to 28°C

It blows air from outside into the water tank at high speeds while simultaneously removing heat from inside the tank providing cool water. Plug and play, low electricity consumption, low price and no damage to property.

The Oxy Cooler ensures that you have crisp cool water from any tap in your home by reducing the temperature from 45°C to up to 28°C. Have a refreshing shower every morning with Oxy water tank cooler.

The function of the Oxy Water Tank Cooler is to speedily reduce the temperature of surface and bottom water in the water tanks at the same time by sucking ambient air the sterilized cool air to the surface of the water and injecting sterilized cool air bubbles with oxygen to the bottom of the tank through using the Peltier and a Metal coolant distributor box and outlet the hot air from the interior of the tank to outside atmosphere.

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