Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP), part of Qatar Foundation Research Development & Innovation, is calling on local and international tech start-ups and entrepreneurs to submit their business solutions that aim to resolve or alleviate issues related to COVID-19.

Business solutions relating to, but not limited to, e-health, education, and supply chain optimization are now being sought. Based on the fulfilment of the program criteria, QSTP will be able to provide a successfully chosen business with appropriate funds and offer a dynamic ecosystem to help your start-up be deployed and scaled-up in response to the current Coronavirus crisis.

Note: This is a rolling application. Check eligibility rules for each program for guidance.


QSTP Incubation Center

A technology-focused program that aims to foster local tech entrepreneurship in Qatar. It is focused on accelerating the establishment and growth of promising tech start-ups through rapid incorporation in the QSTP Free Zone, collaborative co-working space, business facilitation and support services which includes access to a network of mentors, funding schemes, training and prototyping facilities.


  • The program is open for Qataris and residents in Qatar.
  • The team possesses the necessary understanding of product development and is passionate, committed and unwavering in their desire to see their startup succeed.
  • The team demonstrated the ability to execute their idea. This may mean building a preliminary prototype, market validation, acquiring users or attracting investors.

  • The team has at least one founder committed full-time to the startup. The full-time co-founder(s) must be owning at least 20% of the business.


  • Quick and affordable incorporation in the QSTP Free Zone.

  • Startups receive 100% subsidy on their rent, service charge and security deposit for up to four years (based on growth criteria).

  • Mentorship, training, workshops and networking events.

  • Access to QSTP funding programs.

  • Immerse yourself in QSTP and mingle with the most innovative global high-tech companies, R&D centers and to prototyping facilities.

For more information, email [email protected]


QSTP’s signature intensive two-month program designed to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with training and mentorship. Delivered virtually, the goal is to create a prototype and prove it has commercial potential and pitch it to potential investors, before considering launching your startup.


  • Open to Qatar-based, informal teams (up to 5 team members).

  • If you already have a company or startup, this program is not the right one for you. Please check our other programs.


  • Meet an incredible network of mentors and coaches who specialize in the commercialization of tech-based innovation.

  • Support in creating a minimum viable product.

  • Top-notch working space to turn your idea into a reality.

  • Top team may be awarded Angel Investment providing they launch their start-up in the QSTP Incubator.

For more information, email [email protected]

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Product Development Fund

The QSTP Product Development Fund (PDF) is a cost sharing fund wherein QSTP provides up to 50% of the total budget as grant to encourage local startups and SMEs in the private sector to develop their product and service relevant to the local market needs and in line with solutions related to COVID-19 problems. Focus should be on one of the key industry areas: Energy, Environment, Healthcare and ICT.The program aims to support the innovation within SMEs to stimulate diversification of economy in Qatar, and strengthen the startups by increasing their revenues and clients.


  • Local startups and SMEs in the private sector, with at least 20% Qatari shareholder (individual or organisation) who must be active in the development process. (An SME is up to 249 employees and not listed on the stock exchange).

  • You must be a private sector SME, spin-out or startup.

  • You are engaged in development of new products/services or processes relevant to the local market needs.

  • You are willing to accelerate development of existing products by adding new features differentiate your product from the other competitors in the marketplace.


  • Funding of up to 50% of the cost of your product or service proposal.

  • Total funding value/project is up to QAR 1.2M.

To apply, download PDF information pack and contact [email protected].

QSTP Tech Venture Fund (Seed, Series A/B equity financing)

The QSTP Tech Venture Fund (TVF) is a strategic venture capital fund designed to support local innovative startups and attract international startups looking to scale in the region. QSTP is targeting startups that can provide novel solutions to COVID-19-related problems/areas of interest such as health, e-health, educational technology, supply chain optimization, productivity, and other valuable solutions.


  • Local technology-based startup (Seed-stage investment).

    • Incorporated entity.
    • Core team established with 100% dedicated members.
    • Traction in the form of product usage or product revenue.
  • International technology-based startup (Series A and B participation)

    • Strong evidence of traction.
    • Entity incorporated in a jurisdiction that will gather external investor confidence.
    • Considerable existing touchpoints with Qatar Foundation or the State of Qatar.
    • Working towards a priced round with an identified lead institutional investor.


  • Up to $0.5 Million in seed stage funding for local tech startups.

  • Investment of up to $1 Million on a Series A round behind a lead institutional investor.

  • Investment of up to $3 Million on a Series B round behind a lead institutional investor.

For more information, email [email protected]