Got an idea? Not sure how to launch it? Let us guide you!

QSTP XLR8 is our signature intensive two-month program designed to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with:

  • Training
  • Coaching
  • Mentorship


To help you determine if your idea has commercial potential.
To take your tech-based service/product from idea stage to a validated minimum viable product (aka Prototype).


Our methodology focuses on three core modules:

Product-Market Fit

Identify your potential customers, design a rough prototype, solicit feedback from your target market and revise your prototype accordingly.

Customer Traction

Capture market traction / interest from potential customers.

Investor Awareness

Learn how to talk to and attract investors.


QSTP XLR8 runs twice a year, with a maximum capacity of 30 teams.


What’s in it for you..

  • Meet an incredible network of mentors and coaches who specialize in the commercialization of tech-based innovation
  • We support you to create your minimum viable product
  • Top-notch working space to turn your idea into a reality

What are we looking for..

  • Application is open to informal teams (up to 5 team members) who are residents in Qatar.
  • You and your team should have a tech-based service/product idea, but you believe that you need the training, mentorship and physical space to evaluate its commercial potential.
  • Commitment, commitment & commitment.
  • Passionate, critical, and open-minded.
  • If you already have a company, this program is not the right one for you. But you can check our other programs!

Applications are now closed. Stay tuned for the next cycle!

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