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Monday, 28 March 2022

Date & Time:
Monday, 28 March 2022

QSTP South Podium

Event Program

4:00 –4:30 Registration and Networking
4:40 – 4:50 Welcome Remarks & Keynote Speech
4:50 –5:50 Pitching Session (Part 1)
5:50 – 6:10 Break
6:10 –6:50 Pitching Session (Part 2)
7:00 – 8:00 Networking


Al Barq Future Energy
We invented the Torqueless Permanent Power Generator, an unconventional electric generator that works without fuel and does not require any external power source. The idea of ​​the generator working is based on reducing the input power needed to run the generator to more than 90%, so the generator produces 100% of the power and only needs less than 10% of the power needed to run to keep working without stopping, you just need to charge its batteries before the first operation.

Diwan is a customer-centric online marketplace in Qatar connecting consumers with retailers and offering a huge selection of products at competitive prices.

Gadgetry City
Gadgetry City provides you with a solution to save and spend money smarter on consumer tech. It helps you access the best electronic goods like laptops, cameras, lenses, wearables, e-bikes, and smart home appliances, allowing you to flexibly rent tech products that best suit your needs at a fraction of the purchase cost.

MegaVision AI
MegaVision AI is a facial recognition software development startup, with its flagship service “FacePay”, which is a payment solution that allows users to make secure, fast, and seamless in-store payments using their faces without the need to carry a wallet or a mobile phone.

eyeTech is personalized training platform for electrocardiogram interpretation that uses both eye tracking and artificial intelligence aimed at providing medical practitioners and students the latest cutting edge technology-based training to prepare them for medicine 2.0.

SANAD tech.
SANAD technology aims to create an efficient home-based rehabilitation experience by incorporating cutting-edge technology with conventional physiotherapy exercises.

A platform that helps students & researchers who want to access historical buildings, sites, and artifacts by offering data and collaboration.

Magaia is empowers retailers to retain & increase customer engagements through the us of digital tokens, increasing revenue & customer lifetime value.

iTaza is a mobile application that optimizes the value of food, reduces waste and promotes a healthy life style through an innovative tokenised approach.

World leading mega Personal Development Online Learning Platform & Community App aims to achieve positive social change and impact to improve individuals quality of life.

ArtLab3D is a hub for designers to be inspired and create unique decorative architectural elements using recyclable materials and 3D printing technology. We enrich the architectural experience by combining art, design, sustainability, and 3D printing technologies.

Qmunity Kenz
Qmunity Kenz is a sharing economy platform & social enterprise that joins the dots between people, ideas & resources to build sustainable & intergenerational social change.